2017 Graduation Testimony - Joyce Kwack

2017 Graduation Testimony - Joyce Kwack

Ive been a part of The Seed for six years now and during this time I saw many people come and go and the ways that our ministry changed. It’s been a long journey but here I am today, already graduating. It feels like yesterday when I was the youngest member always being taken care of by members who were older than me. I remember feeling nervous and being reserved. I only talked to the few friends that I had from Sunday school. But as you can see now, I’m not the introverted girl I used to be; now I’m able to approach people and open up better than before.

I don’t know what changed me but I think being surrounded by people who are full of energy and positivity helped me break out of my shell. As for trust, it naturally built; I saw that everyone here was sincere and had pure intentions. So when I struggled with my faith, friends, family, or self-perception, I was finally able to share my feelings and concerns with those I truly trusted, which are you guys. I no longer isolated myself and struggled alone during hard times, as I was able to confide in and depend on my friends and house church. The thing that’s really special about these kinds of relationships is that I’m lead back to God through you guys, every single time. That’s the greatest difference between friends you meet elsewhere and friends you meet at church. It’s amazing to be surrounded by people you have a connection with and I realized how hard it is to find a group of people like this, who understand you at a deeper level. To have friends who share the same values, faith, and struggles is something I thank The Seed for.

Being a part of The Seed has taught me numerous things that I know I won’t be able to learn anywhere else. I think that the greatest thing I learned is the meaning of serving. Our members make countless sacrifices as they put others before themselves and give their time and energy to engage in church ministry. Time and time again I saw our members do this willingly and without complaining all for one purpose, to serve others in order to serve God. I saw the impact their efforts made on our members and newcomers and I wanted to be like that. God gave me the heart to serve as well as the opportunities to do so through the roles of a house church intern and a member of the welcoming team as well as the clean up team. These roles made me busier, made me leave my comfort zone, and made me feel burdened at times because it meant that I had more responsibilities and expectations. However, through these challenges, I learned that serving is meant to be done with a joyful and loving heart. Because rather than an obligation, serving is a privilege. I experienced this, as I felt full rather than drained afterwards and though I gave, I gained. Witnessing the changes that the Seed has made, I was able to learn the importance of serving.

House church is something that sets our church apart from other churches so I was excited when we began youth house church last year. Although my house church was awkward at times, I feel like we were a family (a distant family… that gets together once a year). The times we spent together were precious and I’m thankful to my members who were so kind and listened well during our sharing. I thank my past flock leader Sarah and current house church leader Esther, for helping me grow and always supporting me. I thank Pastor Caleb for fun and relatable sermons that challenged me to think differently and try something new. And lastly, I thank God for this warm community where I was able to grow.

For Brian and myself, this is the place we grew up in. Our childhood and teenage years were spent with everyone here. And although the location has changed and the name has changed, I think it’s safe to say that you guys are one of the few constants in our lives. We know that we always have a family to come back to, whether it’s to seek comfort or share new experiences and stories. As much as Brian and I have been blessed here at The Seed, I pray that we become a blessing to those in our new communities. I’m excited for what the future holds for the both of us as well as The Seed. Thank you!