Bible 101 (2) - Esther Byun

Esther’s Testimony 20150503

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While taking Bible 101, I learned a lot, but at the same time experienced some confusion and chaos in my belief. But To be super honest, I don’t think I changed much during the season of this course, but clearly when I looked over the responses I wrote for the homework, I realized that there were slow and small, but definite changes that happened to my life. In fact surprisingly, doing the homework helped me out a lot as well. Even on the very annoying days it still gave me hopes to make that day better by thinking about reading the book for I believed that the book would give me answer to those annoyances.

At first, the reason I took this course was because I knew almost nothing about the Bible. So I was planning to simply learn about it until Caleb told us that we should take out more than just the context of the bible from this course. I was totally confused, but as I went along with it, I slowly realized what he meant.

Each class we learned about God’s characters, and that way I was able to draw a clearer image of who I was actually talking to when I prayed. I thought he was only calm, righteous, holy, under control, and any other descriptive words for stereotyped image of God, but it changed and I realized that he still had so many characters in him that I do not know or understand. For example, when he flooded the land and only left Noah and his family alive, I thought he was very strict in his decision and had zero emotion about it. However in the book, it said that he will never again do the same thing, showing that he does care and loved us so much that he really did not want to give us that punishment.

Also, when I focused on my life as if that was everything, I felt pressured and insecure as I felt like I had to do everything to complete my life. Yet after knowing that I’m just one part of God’s plan, the pressure decreased knowing that I didn’t have to try decorating my life.

These were couple of examples of what I learned and it was mostly through doing the homework.

In fact further to the end of the book, it describes about such weird creatures that sounds like it is from a fantasy novel. Something like four heads and wings, or something like that. While reading these chapters, I was frightened of how weird they describe those creatures, and thought about the possibility of this Bible being just a twisted history.

So in conclusion, this course had me to think seriously about who God is. It takes risk, because once I begin to think I think too much about it. That is why I still feel uneasy and it became harder for me to pray, but I believe that it is the step I would go through at least once in order for me to really trust in him.