Bible 101 (2) - Joey Yoo

Joey’s testimony 20150419

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Hey guys, so I’m here to share my personal experience through taking the course bible 101 for the past 13 weeks right here at this building every Saturday from 9-1030am. Just to share a little background about myself, I have never read the bible very thoroughly nor did I ever have the spiritual mind to motivate myself into reading a bible. To be completely honest with you all, I have attempted into reading the bible about 2 years ago right after a summer retreat. I probably felt very spiritual back then but for sure I was still too young to understand a bible. Sermons were something I exceptionally disliked because whenever the pastor mentioned about a spiritual figure from the bible and their success I never understood who they were and why they were such a phenomenon. I was introduced to bible 101 this year and I was pretty excited for this course until Caleb told us that we were going to meet up on Saturdays at 9am. Saturday was my only day where I can sleep in and not being a morning person kind of shut me down when I heard the news about our Bible 101 schedule. But actually things turned out to be better than I expected. Having such a small portion of people this year in this course, we got to interact with Caleb a little bit more closely. Taking bible 101 in the morning was actually a good idea because I would normally never pray nor does anything bible related like a Q/T but starting off my weekend with the Lord was something new and I enjoyed doing. Reading “the story” was something I enjoyed personally because I actually had the chance to accomplish something I thought would never accomplish which was finish reading the bible. Although this book is not an official bible I am most satisfied about feeling good while listening to the sermons. I have that sense of satisfaction when there is a person mentioned from the bible in the sermon and I can just relate that person to the story. A change I noticed about myself is my trust within the lord. Before I took this course I was losing myself with Christianity and every week when I had to write about a verse there was always that one particular verse that came into me. Every week I had this one problem and there was just that one, one verse that hit me. At first it felt like it was really nothing special but as more weeks passed I realized the Lord had a way to interact with me some way. Although this book was not written for me and I can’t talk to the Lord about my problems face to face, I realized there is a way the Lord talks to me and he is always around me, it just has to be myself who has to break out of the shell and want more of him. I think bible 101 is the start of my journey with finding out more about the Lord and I am looking forward for a bigger and higher relationship with the Lord as I learn more about him. Bible 101 was a great course for someone like me who doesn’t know the bible too well and I recommend for people like me who haven’t taken the course yet take it because it is going to be an amazing experience.