Confirmation Testimony — Lucas Kim

Confirmation Testimony — Lucas Kim

Good morning everyone, as you may know I’m Lucas Kim, and I’m here to present my testimony on my journey as a newly-born child of God. It feels like only yesterday that I graduated from Rocket Kids, and it has certainly has been an amazing adventure so far. I was born into a Christian family, and it’s during my early years where I began to familiarise myself on Christian habits and values. When I came to The Seed, this is where I started to truly deepen my understanding and relationship with Jesus. 

However, this strengthening of my relationship with Jesus I feel was derailed during 2020/2021, around the peak era of the pandemic. I started to feel more isolated and out of touch with others as well as God. I began to feel more anxious about my future, and I lost a lot of my motivation to strive forward. The burdens and stress of school couldn’t be easily extinguished due to COVID, and I honestly felt trapped, and disconnected with God. 

           With the pandemic beginning to ease up, and church events/services were beginning to start up in person again, I felt myself reengaging with God, and essentially found my pathway being lit up again. Attending House Church regularly was something that especially helped me, whether it be through weekly house church discussions or through home gatherings, HC allowed me to find my place in the church community, and strengthened my relationship with God. 

           Eventually, with the convincing words from my parents, I made the decision to attend GPS, and become confirmed as a child of God, and it is something I’m so grateful for doing. Revelation 3:20 says that “See! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to eat with him, and he with me.”  This was a verse that stood out to me and really solidified my relationship with God, and also provided reassurance to me as I know that even during my darkest hours, all I needed to do was open the “door” to let God in, and he will eat with me.

           With this, GPS has truly transformed my life as a Christian, and has allowed myself to put my full confidence in God, and know that he will walk with me no matter what. I realize that I find more enjoyment in life, whether it be with church, school, or just life in general.

Finally, I would like to thank Pastor Caleb, Pastor Anthony, all the YHC shepards (especially Emily), my house church members, and The Seed for supporting me and being part of my church family. Another big thank you to my parents and my family, for encouraging me to attend GPS. Thank you.