Living Life (4) Testimony - Anthony Cho

I remember the first day of living life. I honestly thought it’d be another bible study saying things like, “Moses was a good guy, let’s all learn from Moses – Amen?” Essentially, hearing that, ‘you’re not where you should be,’ hearing corrections and trying to do more bible reading and prayer. So I thought it would be kind of dull. So there I was sitting, the only boy student in a class of six, waiting to hear what the first subject of this bible study would be.

And then Caleb starts with: “what is the most important thing in Christian life?” What stunned me was the fact that I could not answer. And we all didn’t know. We all looked around at each other thinking its probably Jesus or the holy spirit. But I realized that this was very troubling. That I was a Christian, attended church my whole life, was saved and yet I didn’t even know what the most important thing in Christian life was.

In league of legends, an online computer game, I know what the most important thing is – its objectives. So no matter what happens in the game my focus is objectives, and since I focus on that I usually end up winning. Because objectives wins games. But in my Christian life I realized I didn’t have a focus. The most important thing is Christian life I learned was relationships. This blew me away. Now I understood why it’s so important to go to church, to honor your parents to avoid arguments, to be patient to be generous, to love – because our relationships with the people around us are the most important thing. I learned that our relationship with God is reflected by our relationship with people.

My whole focus shifted. I experience so much growth during this bible study. And you know what? It was just truly miraculous. My relationship with my family got so much better. I didn’t try to change anything – it just happened. I just kept it to heart that God values our relationships more than anything else. It became easy to say sorry. It became easier to be patient. It even became easier to share my food with Sarah (truly a miracle, by the way).

This bible study is a not really a bible study the way we know it. It’s a place where we can really reflect on ourselves and get lots of encouragement straight from the bible to help us grow spiritually. Here is the living proof – Sarah came up to me one day and asked me why I don’t get mad at her anymore. I don’t know, I’ll be completely honest. I’m not trying to love her more (yuck) but my actions are able to show more understanding and compassion – and this is undoubtedly the Holy Spirit working. If I had to describe the bible study in one sentence it would be:

Practical encouragement showing you God’s love in your life.

Let me just end by saying it doesn’t matter whether we took this bible study or not, whether we heard this sermon or that sermon. What really matters are the people around us and the people we will come to know. I encourage each and every one of you to love one another and grow beautiful relationships with each other. Thank you.