New Life Testimony - Paul Yoo

New Life Testimony - Paul Yoo

Hey guys, today I’ll be giving my testimony on New Life and sharing why I took this class, the experiences before and after I took this bible study.

My initial decision to take this class was to provide myself more exposure to God outside of just church life. The purpose behind the decision was to provide understanding and commitment to not a religion, but a relationship. I was struggling greatly with identifying what having close friends really meant after my first year of university ended. There were many times I had frequently asked questions to myself: what am I doing wrong in this relationship? Why is there a lack of connection? How come there’s a lack of vulnerability? We hang out, but do they actually like me? Why should I trust this person?

There were times of emptiness and a sense of loneliness because I couldn’t find an answer to my questions; I felt insecure for being insecure, and I felt too embarrassed to share with anyone. I needed guidance and someone I could freely talk with all the time: this is where God comes into the picture.

I was reminded how in one of my previous bible studies, Living Life, that if our relationship with God grew, our relationship with others would too. This all had me thinking. God already knows everything about me, but for me, I knew more of Him than actually knowing Him.

Having a relationship with God is a privilege, yet it seemed at times like an awkward relationship you have with a friend’s friend or a distant cousin. Just like any way a relationship requires to grow, I needed to spend repeated commitment through intentional communication, prayer, and learning more about the character of God. Taking New Life provided me with the answers to how I can improve my relationship with God, and how being part of a community is important in our Christian lives.

As a result, I’ve been happier with not only my relationship with God, but with those around me. As I came to learn more of God’s character, through talking with him, and being more aware of answered prayers, my affection for him grew, and so did my desire as his servant. I came to love him and his patients for me during my frustration and confusion. Through my walk with God, my love for him grew. I started to see how once one receives this love, you’re filled with the desire to do something to please the one you love.

My love for him led me to serve at the RK retreat where I had a difficult time at first, but found joy in serving and relying on him for strength.
God also helped me to open my eyes to the power of ministry through House Church. To exemplify, there was one time during house church where two members shared how someone they cared dearly for was struggling relationally. When I heard these people share, I felt the peace to open up with a similar problem; it felt as though I wasn’t the only during such struggles and that my problems shouldn’t be disregarded based on how large in magnitude they seem to others. The truth behind Christianity being a community made more sense after being aware of being part of House Church. The beauty of it is that you don’t feel alone when someone shares the same struggles and it’s even greater when you hear how it was resolved when people testify to answered prayer.

The community aspect I’ve questioned and reserved myself from has become evidently important through the changes I’ve experienced through bible study. I’ve become accountable with brothers in Christ and felt free to share my struggles without filtering as much. Being accountable has helped me clear out my thoughts and reflect on the rights and wrongs behind my actions and words. Although there will be times I won’t say the right things and my walk won’t always be steady, I hold onto what God has given to me through what I’ve been given, what I’ve learned through Living life, and the joy behind the repeated commitment in my walk with God.
Thank you for listening.