Starting Point (2) Testimony - Joseph Yeo

Starting Point (2) Testimony - Joseph Yeo

To sum up my Christian background, I was born into a Christian family and always had a heart to serve and love God.
As I began to get older however, I began to question why my love for Him was so apparent.
I eventually reached a plateau of growth in my relationship with God and for the majority of my middle to high school years,
I always wondered how I could somehow jumpstart this unwavering faith I once had
because I had felt like God’s presence was fading from me and I needed help, comfort and guidance from someone much wiser than myself.
That’s when I decided to take some steps of faith in my Christian journey which began earlier this year where I experienced God’s peacefulness and grace during the Daniel Fast and summer retreats.
All these giant steps I took felt like they were such a huge sacrifice in my life.
However, through these experiences, I acquired countless amounts of valuable lessons and answers to so many questions I had for God and that has truly been a blessing.

Now, onto Starting Point. This was a very difficult decision for me to take. For those who do not know, I happen to live downtown, meaning that I would be arriving home late, just to run into more school work and Mondays following the sessions. I am so glad that I took the “risk” and took this course. I felt like I was lacking a stronger faith and trust in God prior to Starting Point. I found it quite difficult to really come to God for help and guidance when I was moving towards these intimidating obstructions that were approaching me in my life. Gradually, I became more comfortable speaking to God and my whole mindset switched from, “I don’t believe I can do it” to “I have faith that God will help me achieve whatever comes before me, great or small”. I learned to have faith in Him, because he has faith in me as well.

I honestly thought that I was confident in my knowledge of God and the significance of the events such as Jesus’s crucifixion.
Also, revisiting the fact that “You don’t have to forgive yourself because yourself has already been forgiven” (Pg 78.) was fresh and reinvigorating.
There were so many blank spaces I had skipped over and I am so fortunate to have had them filled in throughout these sessions.
I realized that there was so much room for everyone, including myself, to grow in the Lord.

I know you guys are all envious and regretful for not joining Starting Point, but don’t worry, I have some very good news!
The winter retreat is coming up soon and the registration happens to end today!
I would highly encourage you to go because once again, we all have room to grow and learn about our heavenly Father.

Thank you