133. Daniel Fast Testimonies

133. Daniel Fast Testimonies

Daniel Fast is officially finished today. I’ve written about my own experience multiple times before so I thought it would be good to include summaries of a few testimonies of people who have participated this year.

April is our church’s favorite month of the year because all we get to eat are sweet potatoes, potatoes, tofu, salad, and japchae (Korean dish). Jokes aside…I came to realize a lot of things I wouldn’t have, and because of the media fast, I had not much to do other than spend time with God… As of today, I am confident to say that praying and devoting my time to God has become a habit, and I feel so great and full of joy. Although I did not lose ANY weight (haha), the weight of my worries and stresses have surely gone down! – Anonymous 1

Although the fasting was challenging, it had taught and given me many things I never would have received throughout other events in my life. Overall my lifestyle has entirely changed as I have been getting more sleep and have been more productive with homework and projects. Which is amazing because I never thought I’d be sleeping at 9 during midterm week. Moreover, I’ve gotten closer with my parents more than ever….had so much bonding time. Most importantly, I’ve had more time to read the bible and now I truly fear God. Although it wasn’t a sudden change, I’ve slowly gotten closer with him and I feel his presence in my everyday life, which is amazing!– Anonymous 2

I’ve been ending my days by spending time reading the Daniel fast book (it’s so good! each year I read it, it feels new) and the bible while journaling, which has been so filling for my soul. That time has been really meaningful and has provided me with God-given satisfaction/fulfillment before going to bed. – Anonymous 3

Daniel Fast was very helpful because it showed me how dependent I am on media to talk with my friends and loved ones. Because of this, I made a bigger effort to make more meaningful interactions with those people when I saw them in person since I had fewer ways of doing that. The fast also encouraged me to read the Bible more, particularly passages coming from the New Thru 30 plan. – Anonymous 4

Through the fast I recognized some unnecessary habits. With the newfound clarity, I was able to create a plan to properly kill them. Hunger and boredom led me to pray more often and more intentionally. I also lost a ton of weight, so that’s a bonus.” – Anonymous 5

Through the Daniel Fast, I was able to experience God’s love for me at its fullest… He gave me His heart that is patient, loving, and slow to anger. Being able to say “no” to things I love was not constraining, but very freeing. It gave me full control of what I do and how I spend my time. – Anonymous 6

Personally, Daniel fast helped me to realize how dependent I am on material possessions and the technological society we live in today. Taking that time off has therefore not only shown me that time these activities had taken up, but also that everything except for our faith remains temporary. – Anonymous 7