141. How To Boil Water Faster

141. How To Boil Water Faster

As many of us know, water boils at 100℃. Interestingly, it does not boil even at 99.9℃. Unless water reaches its precise boiling point, it does not change “at all.” It remains a liquid, 100%. But the transformation into gas happens the moment it begins to boil. That is the fascinating fact about boiling point.

I think Christian life is the same. Spiritual change happens through continuous spiritual discipline, serving, and learning. Unfortunately, many Christians stop just short of the boiling point and fail to experience the transformation that was so close.

But the good news is that there is a way to change the boiling point of our spiritual change. In higher altitude, water boils faster because there is less atmospheric pressure to overcome. Similarly, one of the ways to lower the boiling point in spiritual change is to go higher in commitment and responsibility. As you go up in responsibility to serve, you get closer to God’s purpose for your life, and there is less pressure of this world to overcome. Leaders have their concerns, but they tend to worry less about non-essential things than followers.

That is why leaders change faster than followers. It is the same for those who start serving as well. When you place yourself in a position that is higher in commitment and responsibility than before, changes can happen faster.

As I look at our youth shepherds as they are soon finishing up their three years of commitment, I feel that they have grown faster than they did before. When we used to host youth home gathering once every 2-3 months, they were the ones who suggested having it every month instead. Often we are tempted to reduce the commitment level when things get tiring, but they decided to place themselves in higher commitment. As a result, not only they have experienced a change in their faith but also in their members as well, faster than before.

So if you feel that change is not happening in your walk with God or your ministry, do not stop short of boiling point. If you do not give up, you will enjoy the change that is sure to happen. Or, you can place yourself in the position of higher commitment and service, and experience transformation faster.