15. How to have fun in Church

15. How to have fun in Church

I always liked going to church during my teenage years. Main reason was that I was involved in church ministry. I started serving as a bassist in a praise team simply because no one else wanted to do it. I can’t honestly say I served with right motive all the time because there was a cute girl in my team, but one thing for sure is that many meaningful relationships were formed through it. When I look back, it surely paved a way for me to meet my wife too! (My wife was the leader of the praise team where I joined to play bass).

Many people simply “attend“ church to get their spiritual needs filled. But without serving in the church, they slowly become passive “consumers”. They constantly ask, “what does church have to offer to me?” As we all do many times, customers can always find things to complain about to get what they want. This consumer mindset is what prevents many from having fun in the church.

Fun is actually in “engagement”, not “attending”. You begin to enjoy church life when you “engage” in its mission. Our church mission is leading people to become followers of Jesus. And there is no better way to engage in this church mission by serving in church ministries because Jesus came to serve people.

Paul makes it clear that church is the “body” of Christ. That means just like our physical body, every member in the church has a function (It is proven that even appendix has a function!). And since every member is “dependant” on one another, there is no small or big job. When all body parts work together, you get a healthy body. Likewise, when all members serve together for a common church mission, you get a healthy church, which is fun to be part of!

You will never find your role until you actually start doing something. Taking up any role in church team ministry and in house church is a good way to actually start enjoying your church life more.