157. House Church Video Project

157. House Church Video Project

As most of you know, we do house church ministry. House Church ministry started from Houston Seoul Church. Their English Speaking Congregation (ESC) is called “New Life Fellowship” (NLF) and they have also faithfully built house church ministry for more than 20 years. Starting with 20 adult members, now they grew to a congregation of roughly 400-500 members with diverse ethnic groups. They have been holding house church seminars for both pastors and lay leaders, and all our shepherds have attended their seminar.

With the resources God has given them, now they are planning to invest more in spreading the house church ministry all over the world outside of the Korean Church context. So, they have started a House Church Video Project. NLF has created a video team, and they are travelling the world to film churches that do house church ministry. Their goal is to create a high-quality promotional house church video so that more pastors and lay-leaders to buy into house church ministry and join in restoring the New Testament church.

NLF video team has already filmed a couple of churches in the States and will be visiting Toronto on December 4-8. They will be filming landmarks of Toronto, the daily life of pastors and leaders, interviews, house church meetings and Sunday service. Jennifer and I will be hosting them during their stay.

I feel very thankful that we can be part of this grand project to inspire and ignite a passion for the Church that Jesus had in mind when he brought it into existence. I think this video can be effectively used to explain house church ministry to our new members and VIPs.

To fully partner in this project, this will require cooperation from everyone in the church. As the team films house church meetings and service with video gears, please act naturally as possible. We don’t need to do anything different or special, but do how we always do and remain true to who we already are. If they ask for help or support, please be generous with your time and effort to help out. Your shepherds might ask you to do an interview with them. Don’t be surprised when that happens. Remember that your few words can potentially move a pastor’s heart who has the power to shape the course of their church and so many others as a result.