160. Do More To Become Excellent

160. Do More To Become Excellent

Slump is real. When jobs, school, or ministry gets tiring, and people find themselves unmotivated, they often assume “doing more” is the problem. So, the first thing they consider is quitting or “doing less.”

It is undeniable that “overwork” is real. But if we think carefully, what gives us energy is not “less work” but “doing it well.” In other words, it is “mediocrity” that de-motivates us, not “challenges.” Ironically, excellence inspires us by asking us to do more, not less.

It is often evident in professional sports teams. A team that has a championship aspiration plays hard. Players challenge each other to show up to practice early and leave late. Coaching staff pushes them to put more effort. In theory, they should be more tired than other teams that don’t play hard. But they look more fresh and lively after winning the game. Why? Though they are playing harder, their level of performance was excellent. On the other hand, the team that has no chance of making the playoff coasts through each game. Players don’t play hard at all. But after losing the game, they look tired and de-energized. Why? Because “mediocrity” is not inspiring. It is demoralizing, not just to a sports team but to any teams.

When we feel uninspired, it is time to check whether we are running toward excellence or mediocrity. I was personally challenged and inspired as our operation team showed up early to rearrange the service seating and service environment last Sunday. They made sure to remove any unsightly items near the entrance and the stage. No one complained about them before, but they decided not to tolerate mediocrity. They had hours of meeting to discuss how to make the service better. They wanted our members and VIPs to have an “excellent” Sunday service experience. Though tiring, none of them look drained that day. In fact, they seemed excited by the changes they made.

Excellence is motivating and inspiring. So, whether it is work or church ministry, when you feel like you are in a slump and are tempted to do less, consider doing more. And, don’t forget to pray for the spirit of excellence (Daniel 5:12) as well. As ironic as it sounds, you will feel more rejuvenated. Go out of your way to do things better and more efficient, develop your talent or gift, study more to get better in your field. This principle of “do more” might get you and others out of the slump because just as mediocrity is, excellence is inspiring and contagious.