174. COVID-19 Response Guide

174. COVID-19 Response Guide

New Corona Virus (Corona 19) seems to be spreading all over the world. However, we need to understand that its mortality rate is much lower than SARS and other viruses that cause the common cold, though it seems to be much more contagious. So, there is no need for excessive fear. However, we, as a church, feel the need to do due diligence to prevent any potential spread. Thus, upon considering the official recommendation from the presbytery and Ontario church committee of our denomination, church leadership has prepared three-tiered levels of responses.

Level 1: All church meetings operate as usual but strengthen protection measures.

  • All travellers who are coming from Korea or any other heavily affected nations will voluntarily quarantine themselves for two weeks, then participate in church meetings.
  • Anyone with cold/flu-like symptoms will quarantine themselves for two weeks before joining church meetings.
  • Avoid handshakes or hugs that involve physical interactions.
  • Place hand-sanitizers at the front desk.

Level 2: Cancel church meetings for two weeks, except Sunday service.

  • Sunday fellowship time and communion will be cancelled.
  • Saturday morning service will be replaced with personal prayer time.
  • House churches will meet among family members only.

Level 3: Cancel all church meetings for two weeks.

  • Church will provide the necessary resources to have Sunday service and house church meetings at home.
  • Hold intercessory prayer time every day

As of March 4th, we are at level 1. Upon closely monitoring the further spread of Corona Virus and government-issued statements, the next level will be announced after discussion with the leadership team. Once again, there is no need for excessive fear. We will prepare hand-sanitizer at the front. But proper washing of hands is the best way to prevent potential spread. Please continue to pray for this outbreak to end soon and those who are affected.