179. God Delights In You

179. God Delights In You
What God really enjoys

It was great news to me that many of our members are picking up the habit of doing QT (Quiet Time) during the quarantine. However, with every habit-formation, there is a challenge, and QT is not an exception. If you struggle with this habit and you don’t feel it is as special or meaningful on many days, remembering this will help: God enjoys our presence every time. We might not enjoy it every time, but God does every time.

QT is my 26 years habit. I have a few defining moments when I felt God speaking (through inner prompting) to me so clearly, but the majority of the times, it is a gentle, quiet voice challenging to discern and sometimes, I don’t hear anything. Though I might not have enjoyed every moment, I know God did. Old Testament Prophet Zephaniah also confirms this: “The LORD… will rejoice over you with gladness… He will delight in you with singing.” (Zeph 3:17)

Gift of presence

That’s certainly how I feel when my daughters come to me for anything. Many times they come just to ask for things, and I enjoy meeting their needs. But there are a few times they come to me to hug and stay close. Though not many activities are happening, it brings tremendous joy to me. Though my patience can run out when they constantly interrupt me, that doesn’t happen with God.

Godly Imagination

We have an inborn desire to please our parents. As much as we care about pleasing ourselves, we are created to find deep satisfaction in pleasing our parents. So, instead of focusing on what you are enjoying, try focusing on what God is enjoying. Once we know he enjoys our presence (not our performance), we will find ourselves enjoying that time more.

So, every time you open the Bible, or ready to pray, imagine God smiling at you, looking very pleased that you came to him. Such godly imagination helps us to enjoy God and his presence.