19. Joy of watching growth

19. Joy of watching growth

We all love to watch things grow. (except our waist size!) For some, it could be something tangible like the size of muscles, number of followers on instagram, balance in the bank account. Sometimes things that are intangible such as intimacy, love and affection in relationships.

I think it is in our human nature to expect things to grow and feel joy when it actually happens.

My first daughter Luyah is approaching her 5th birthday. She still has looks of toddler so I’m still happy (I know it’s bit selfish but I want her to forever look like a baby!) but one thing has changed: Now she can dress or undress all by herself.

I take her to swimming class every Monday and these days things are so much easier. It used to be such a toil to get her dressed/undressed and put her through shower because I had to do everything for her. And many times she would not cooperate. But now, not only she can, she “wants” to do them all by herself. It has been my joy to watch her become more independant.

Reflecting on my own daughter’s growth, I think spiritual growth is shown when you begin “wanting to do” certain things that you used to do only upon “command”. Two weeks ago, “Growing Life” (for adults) finished and last Sunday, “Starting Point” (for high school students) finished. I’ve known them for many years. But to see them wanting to do things like QT, evangelism or serving on their own (without me pressuring them!) brought joy to my heart.

As much as witnessing growth is enjoyable, it is also as much painful to watch someone stops growing. As I said many times before, in Christian life, if you try to maintain your spirituality, you end up going backward. It is because we are up against spiritual forces of evil (Ephesians 6:12) that try so hard to make us remain as infants.

Year 2016 is almost coming to an end. I encourage everyone to take this season-end time as an opportunity to reflect on your own spiritual growth this year. That will help you to see what decisions you can make to grow next year. When you grow, people around you will be happy but you will be happier because there is greater joy in watching “yourself” grow.