192. True Limit vs Limiting Belief

192. True Limit vs Limiting Belief

We live in a world where it seems to despise any limit. A slogan such as “Nothing is impossible” may sound inspiring and work well for a sports team trying to make a comeback. But soon, we realize it does not hold up very well against the reality of life.

Indeed, there are clearly “limiting beliefs.” These are lies that we believe about ourselves that limit our growth. It leads to countless unrealized potentials and regrets. Too many people make a final judgement on their potential too soon.

But confusing limiting beliefs with a “true” limit can be dangerous. As discouraging as it sounds, “Impossibility” is not an illusion but a reality. God has placed a true limit in us. There are things that we are not able to do (or do well) due to our limitations that are “real.” Limiting belief is an enemy, but a true limitation is an ally. It frees us from unrealistic expectations about ourselves that so easily crush our spirit.

Many people have achieved great things against all odds. They certainly help us shatter “limiting beliefs” about ourselves. However, as we strive to defeat our limiting beliefs, we also need to embrace our “true limitation humbly.” Not everyone is designed to be a superstar and make a world-changing impact. But everyone is designed by God to be uniquely excellent. We don’t need to be someone else. We simply need to be who God has made us be.

I have limitations in my personality and ability. But I try hard to distinguish between limiting belief and true limitation. I get nervous talking to new people. I am not an excellent natural talker, and English is not my mother-tongue. That is my true limitation. But if I believe that God can never use my mouth to deliver his message and lead his church well because of it, that would be a limiting belief. The more I embrace my true limitation, the more I become free to become whom God has designed me to be.

Just as we all have a unique “fingerprint,” we also have a unique “God-print.” True success and real happiness start from discovering our unique “God-print” and living it as focused and diligently as possible, without comparing ourselves to others.