207. CLASS 101 Is Starting

207. CLASS 101 Is Starting

We are offering CLASS 101 this year. Its title is “Discovering Our Church Family.” It will mainly deal with the topic of our purpose and the church’s role in it. Some may wonder why we are offering CLASS, in addition to the Life Bible Study series we already provide. Here are a few reasons.

First, CLASS has a different emphasis. If Life Bible Study is geared toward “maturity”, CLASS is “ministry,” though maturity and ministry are not mutually exclusive. CLASS will systematically equip a new Christian to be ready for ministry on Sunday and in their house church.

Second, it is much shorter (4 weeks) than Life Series. When a VIP finishes New Family Class and receives Jesus in Gospel Presentation Session, some may find Living Life, which is 13 weeks, an intimidating next step. CLASS 101 would be a good starter Bible Study that reinforces their sense of belonging in the church and provides a practical guide to their new church membership. However, Living Life still is what we recommend everyone to take as the first Bible Study, as it is written with non-Christians in mind and helps dramatically with life in house church.

Third, it systematically handles four essential topics for new Christians: “Belonging” (CLASS 101), “Maturity” (CLASS 201), “Ministry” (CLASS 301), and “Mission” (CLASS 401).

Fourth, CLASS is already offered in the majority of churches that do house church ministry. Many pastors have recommended it. It is a proven system.

As each class is only four weeks, it would not be difficult to complete this cycle. We will only offer CLASS 101 for now, and once enough people have taken it, we will provide the next one. It will be offered in between Life Bible Study seasons to not compete with them. Even after we are allowed to gather again, CLASS will likely be offered online only. So if you are waiting for it to be offered onsite, I would recommend taking it now.