214. Let Your Thoughts Flow

214. Let Your Thoughts Flow

Many people are starting to create online platforms to express their ideas and opinions. The Positive is that good information is available for free. But the negative is that we can think that becoming more opinionated is the way to become happy. We secretly believe that the perfect world is where things are just the way we think.

But Jesus lived without his thoughts and judgement. (John 5:30) His thoughts were from his Father because he emptied himself. (Philippians 2:7) His goal was to obey the Father. That is why he was free and mature.

In contrast, religious leaders during Jesus’ time were full of their thoughts. Their thoughts got amplified and hardened through years of tradition and repetition. Their thoughts even judged the Son of God. Their thoughts so consumed them that they put their saviour on the cross.

The scripture tells us that the world got ugly when Adam and Eve ate from the tree of “knowledge of good and evil.” (Genesis 2:17) It wasn’t an evil tree. But they were not meant to know what is good and evil, as the perfect world was where only God decides what is good and evil. The moment humans began to determine good and evil, outrageous things started to happen. Adam blamed Eve for the fall. Cain killed his brother Abel. People did what was right in their own eyes. Fast forward, Holocaust happened through one man who believed in creating his version of a perfect world without Jews. Many wars that killed many started from unresolved thoughts of leaders.

That is why the first step to happiness is letting our thoughts to flow. Water that doesn’t flow gets rotten. Flowing water is clean water. Thoughts need to flow. What came in needs to go out. It is our stagnant thoughts that imprison us in anger, hate, and misery.

When the Kingdom of God comes, we will be free from thinking and become free to celebrate and savour. We will be so amazed by what we see that we won’t have time to judge. Until then, practice letting your thoughts flow. Don’t hold them too long. Less they get rotten and smell. Ask yourself often, “Are my thoughts flowing?” It will help you to free yourself from too much thinking.