218. Speculator vs Investor

218. Speculator vs Investor

“Stocks” became a prominent theme during the Pandemic. But many people have a misunderstanding about stocks. Many people think investing in stocks is “trading” stocks (continuous buying and selling). However, investing experts rightly divide “speculators” from “investors.”

Speculators are the ones who are always speculating which stock will go up. They buy stocks while thinking about when to sell. So, they are always on a hunt for the “hottest stock.” But the truth of the matter is this: Most people end up losing money by trading stocks. It is because it is impossible to know when the stocks will go up or down.

However, investors view buying stocks as becoming business partners with the companies. So they don’t buy stocks with speculation but conviction in the values they have found in the companies. Such values can be many: exceptional leadership, patent technology, favourable licensing, growth potential and so on. So, investors buy stocks planning to keep them for a long time, often at least ten years. For example, Warren Buffet, the greatest investor alive, has been holding Coca-Cola stocks for more than 30 years. That is why investors don’t get bothered by the usual ups and downs of the stock market. Since good companies have historically rebounded well even through major recessions, eventually, investors profit in the long run.

Even in the church world, many pastors do ministry like speculators (not being judgmental here). They are on a hunt for the “hottest” church models for church growth, but most see little gain in the long term. But our church has decided long ago that we will not be speculators but investors. We have found incredible value in “restoring the New Testament Church” through house church ministry. We have concluded that house church is not a church model but the church Jesus wanted to build. So we have been investing in it, raising lay-pastors in shepherds.

Ministry is similar to the stock market in many ways. There are numerous ups and downs. But what is important is our long-term approach and conviction that we are rightly invested in something truly valuable. As long as we stay put while being faithful, we will see results. Even if we don’t see the result in this lifetime, God will richly reward those who have invested in what God considers valuable.