22. Too much is as bad as too little

22. Too much is as bad as too little

When I was a young teenager, I really tried hard to be considered funny because funny guys were popular to girls. At one group meeting, we were having a good time and I felt like whatever I said, people laughed. I got so excited and went on – until I realized I went too far: I started joking about someone's physique just to get more laughs. By the time I realized I shouldn't have said that, it was too late. Damage was done.

Everything in life becomes harmful when it become excessive. Good jokes can easily turn into bad ones with just one extra word. Snow is good, beautiful to look at. But when it comes as snow storm, it can causes traffic, accidents and financial damage. Too much is as bad as too little. 

Bible also warns us about going too far with what is seemingly good.

Proverbs 25:16 says, "If you find honey, eat only what you need; otherwise, you’ll get sick from it and vomit." It is interesting because Honey is known for its nutrition and health benefit. And yet the Bible says if you take it too much, you will get sick and end up vomitting. According to science, this is actually true. Too much consumption of honey (high level of fructose) will hinder nutrient absorption, thus causing stomach cramp and even diarrhea. 

This goes true for our Christian life. Good activities are not always good. Many times church suffers to thrive not because of too little programs but because there are too many programs. One pastor said this: "Good things are not always 'God' things". We tend to make decisions based on "is it good?" principle. That’s why we often find ourselves very busy and burn out doing too many good things. This is why God wants us to live by this principle -"is it what God wants?". God always makes our lives simple because he straightens our priorities. When we are busy, it is hard to discern what God is really telling us to do. We as “The Seed” don't want to be good at many things – we want to be good at one thing that God wants us to – which is to save the lost and make disciples of Jesus Christ. That is why so much of our energy and effort is focused on house church ministry.