232. Doing Something vs Doing Nothing

232. Doing Something vs Doing Nothing

Despite rising concerns over delta-variant, Pandemic is near its end-stage. At this point, it will be helpful to evaluate its aftermath and think about what we have done during the Pandemic.

I’m sure some people have done “nothing” during the Pandemic because they felt they could do nothing. But some people have done “something” because they found “something” to do. At first, doing nothing or doing something doesn’t seem very different. Because doing something amid hardship doesn’t seem like it will do much. But this seemingly small difference becomes vast when all is said and done.

Many Christians stopped attending church service during the Pandemic. I heard a report that online service attendance for some big churches was only around 20-30% of their members. It is a pretty sad report, but it also revealed the nature of faith for many. For those who attended casually, Pandemic gave a reason to stop going to church. For those who attended for a reason, found a reason to connect with church through different means.

Thankfully, our attendance (online and onsite combined) was pretty similar to our pre-pandemic level. I believe it showed the strength of house church ministry and people who serve in it who tried to do “something” instead of nothing because they love God and people.

Looking back, though limited in many ways, I’m thankful that we tried our best to do “something” this year. Doing something because we are nervous about doing nothing can be more damaging. But I believe that if we try to do “something” in the direction of connecting with God and with others, God will provide a way to make it work. Though that effort might look pointless initially, it becomes the starting point of something new that God can work with.