251. Christmas Relief

251. Christmas Relief

As you heard from the announcement, we are creating a “Outreach search committee” to select a charitable organization to partner with to give more to our local community.

To give you the context, KSC and ESC have agreed to donate all of Christmas offering every year to a charity that serves our local community, starting from this year. The primary groups we have in mind are low-income families, homeless people, refugees and such. And KSC has delegated the role of choosing the organization to ESC, as we can connect easier in English. Once we select the organization, we hope to partner with them financially and through serving opportunities in the future.

To choose the charity carefully and transparently, our leadership team has decided to form the committee in the following way:

  • 1 from the leadership team
  • Maximum of 2 from Ministers
  • Maximum of 2 from Members (baptized and registered, finished living life)

This way, we will allow different voices to be heard in selecting the organization and minimize individual bias in the process.

All of our house churches support mission fields, but we haven’t had much of a chance to support our local community. We are happy to start blessing our community in this way, little by little.

Christmas can be easily about “getting” stuff on our wishlist. As good as that is, Christmas celebrates the God who came to give himself for the dying and suffering world in the most tangible way in Jesus. Christmas will be more meaningful if we remember this and more attention toward people in need.