253. Life Without Problem?

253. Life Without Problem?

In June, when the government ended the “Stay-at-home” order, I secretly expected to face the year 2022 with much less hint of COVID. It saddens me that it won’t happen, as the new variant Omicron is surging.

However, at the same time, I feel grateful that we are learning one crucial truth that betrays our secret expectation: Life without a problem is an illusion. Certainly, when we go to heaven, all problems will cease to exist. But as long as we are on earth, problems will always be there. They will only keep changing their names.

That’s why I keep coming back to the Scripture because the world it portrays is so brutal and yet so real. I often wondered why God allowed so many gruesome and immoral events to remain in the Bible. But I realized that if God is real, he must solve real-world problems instead of sugarcoating them.

Human history is mainly about people trying to create a version of utopia where everyone will be happy. It sounds good, but it constantly betrays our reality as it is unattainable. But God’s history is about God affirming and navigating through undeniable human pain and suffering, but promising us that he can be trusted through them all.

We still don’t know when the pandemic will officially end. We could easily have another virus or new variants surging after this variant ends. Or we might face another type of global crisis. Or we might face new personal trials. But what gives me hope through it all is that our God not only saves us “from” trials but “through” trials. He never promised that our life would be without any tears. But he promised to “wipe away” our every tear. (Rev 21:4)

I hope we continue to praise and lift God, who will save us through “whatever” trials we will face this new year. It will protect our hearts from many disappointments and bitterness that cloud our vision.