262. In-person Service Transition Plan

262. In-person Service Transition Plan

As of 3/1, all indoor restrictions are lifted, including physical distancing and proof of vaccination. The only restriction still left is mask-mandate. It seems that even the mask mandate might be lifted in a few weeks if things head in the right direction. Given such a significant change in the pandemic situation, a step-by-step plan would help avoid discomfort and confusion in how we behave in in-person service, as members have different levels of comfort regarding safety measures. So, here is our three phases plan.

Phase 1: Everything remains the same

We are currently at Phase 1. We want to continue our safety measures at this phase, even though the government no longer mandates them. It is to gradually ease into less restriction to accommodate members who might still be concerned. We will keep our current safety measures, such as physical distancing and masking. Service will continue to have limited capacity.

Phase 2: No physical distancing. Mask still on

At phase 2, there will be no more physical distancing, and service will have no more capacity limit. We will enter phase 2 when the government lifts the mask mandate. It seems that many people will continue to wear a mask in public places even after the mandate gets lifted, so it will be good to ease into no-masking slowly.

Phase 3: No Mask, Back To Normal

We will enter phase 3, which is the final phase without any restriction, after going through phase 2 for a few weeks. We would have more data regarding infection rates and a better understanding of people’s behaviour with a mask after removing the mask mandate. Fellowship time will resume at this phase.

Starting from this week, we won’t be checking vaccination proof anymore, as it is no longer required. Knowing that the full vaccination rate is at around 90% and booster at 45%, we feel confident that most attending members are vaccinated. But we will continue to have an active screening at the door to ensure safety.

The end of the tunnel seems near for the Pandemic. As exciting as it is, let’s continue to be mindful of each other’s well-being until all is over.