269. House Church Conference at LA

269. House Church Conference at LA

Jennifer and I will be away for a week (missing 5/1 Sunday), to attend the House Church conference in LA. The conference starts on Monday and ends on Thursday. After that, we will visit my sister’s place for a few days over the weekend.

I Initially thought about coming back for Sunday, but there is a church north of LA where it is known for its worship and prophetic ministry. Their ministry blessed me during my Research Month, so I wanted Jennifer to experience that. As Jen is also a praise team leader, it will be a great learning, inspiring experience that will help her to lead her team in the future. Due to the time difference, we will be back in Toronto on Tuesday early morning though we leave on Monday.

Because I will not be in Toronto on 5/1, New Family Class (NFC) will start on the 2nd Sunday (5/8) instead. As there are 5 Sundays in May, Gospel Presentation Session will happen on the last Sunday of May (5/29) instead of the 4th Sunday. Also, there won’t be Early Morning Prayer next week.

Pastor Anthony will start three-part sermon series starting on 5/1 Sunday. It is part of the preaching rotation planned at the beginning of the year. After the three-part series is done, I will be starting a new series on the Gospel of John. John was the “closest” disciple of Jesus, and his understanding of the identity of Jesus is not only accurate but heart-warming. It will be an incredible journey of studying the life of Jesus together.

Please pray for our safe travel and physical/spiritual strength to stay engaged throughout the conference, as the schedule is usually packed with lots of learning and discussions. Even if it is a few seconds, I believe that prayer of faith can make a huge difference. (James 5:16)