296. Please Pray For My Mom

296. Please Pray For My Mom

My mom was hit with stroke this Monday. I was the only other person at home, and I initially found her vomiting and having a painful headache. After I noticed her slurring, I immediately called an ambulance. Within 20 minutes, my mom was moved to Mackenzie health, then swiftly transferred to St. Michael hospital, as they have a neurosurgeon to perform a brain surgery. In a few hours, she had a surgery to block the ruptured aneurysm (small bulged area in her artery near the brain) and put a tube in her brain to drain built-up flood and blood.

As I finally sat down to process all that happened, I honestly didn’t know what to feel. I felt shocked and confused. I didn’t know how to pray about the situation. I was told that the damage to her brain was catastrophic, and we should be prepared for the worst scenario. But when I didn’t know how to pray, God raised people around us to pray for my mom. Many people including Pastor Kwack, my village, house church, and church members started praying for her and sending encouragement.

The power of prayer was felt immediately. My mind was wandering into negative thoughts, imagining and almost embracing the worst scenario as fact. But my heart began to feel at ease, and increasingly became hopeful and peaceful.

As of the time of writing, my mom is still on a ventilator and unconscious. The doctor initially said there is about 30% chance of full recovery. However, the pressure in her brain is still high, and it is currently only controlled by medicine. The doctor says the situation is not good, though they are trying their best to keep her in stable condition. Furthermore, within a few days, a big complication like vasospasm is likely to happen, which can be fatal. I have been coming to the hospital every day.

I am immensely grateful that as my immediate families are all Christians, and we are encouraging each other with hope not only of the miraculous full recovery but also of the eternal life. Regardless of what happens, our heart will be encouraged by hope.

But this is not to say I am anticipating the bad news. Jen and I have been encouraging each other that it is God who has the final word. James said, “… pray for one another, so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is very powerful in its effect.” (James 5:16) Please pray for my mom. Miracle still happens today, through prayers of those who trust in his goodness.