303. New Year Resolution That Doesn’t Suck

303. New Year Resolution That Doesn’t Suck

We all want a “better” life. Regardless of our age, life stage, or faith, we can all agree this desire is where we begin.

When we are young, we don’t have much money, so we start with what we can have right away, “better self”. So, we study harder and acquire more skills. Once we get a bit older, we begin to acquire “better things”, such as car, gadgets, and house. Then we realize things don’t satisfy too long. So, we pursue “better experience”. We travel, seek quality relationships, and some try becoming more religious.

The problem is this: We started with the hope of a better “life” but we often end up with just a better “lifestyle”. Anyone can improve their lifestyle and feel like their life is better. (Healthy lifestyle is always better than unhealthy one!) But we see so many people who have talents, fit body, better things and better experience, still struggle with feeling unfulfilled and empty. Celebrities with depression clearly demonstrate this fact.

It all comes from thinking that life is something we improve. Life must be given. When God created Adam, he had a wonderful home called “Garden of Eden”, filled with good things and experiences. He had a healthy body. But he didn’t become a “living being” until God breathed “his life” into him. (Gen 2:7)

Jesus said he came so that we might have life and have it in abundance. (John 10:10) If we could have a better life on our own, Jesus came for nothing. He came to give us what we couldn’t get ourselves. The “life” we want, is the “life of God”, full of righteousness, peace, and Joy. (Rom 14:17) It can only come from “better relationship” with the one who possesses this life and able to give it.

Many Christians make new year resolution with only “better lifestyle” in mind. But one constant new year resolution that doesn’t suck is becoming a better follower of Jesus. He has the life you’ve always wanted. He knows the path that leads to it. He has the wisdom to explain how to get it. Ask God what is the one thing you could do to strengthen your relationship with him this year. Then you would be one step closer to having a better “life”, along with better “lifestyle”.