310. Mission Trip

310. Mission Trip

We are going on a joint mission trip with KSC to Nicaragua this July. We haven’t gone on a mission trip for a few years and as we now have a mission team leader, we plan to resume going on a mission trip. We made a promise to go together with KSC before the pandemic, so we want to honour the promise, through we have plans to go on our own mission trip with The Seed members in the future.

We had our first meeting with both congregation’s mission team leaders. It was a great time of sharing, brainstorming what our mission trip would look like. We ended the meeting with a sense of excitement.

Nothing is set in stone yet, but the scope of ministry will be limited to helping a church in Los Solices, some construction work and teaching English in Leon. We are planning to visit this time and see what other needs are available at the field.

Mission leadership agreed to limit the number of participants this time, as we estimated our ministries won’t require too many people. Again, we are hoping to see if there are more ministry opportunities through our visit this time.

I think this trip would be more like a “vision trip”. We want to see what the Holy Spirit is doing there, and discern his voice, so we can effectively participate in his work. What I hope to have is more conversation about our future mission and what heart God is giving in each of us.

All participants will receive subsidy from their respective congregations that will cover part of their cost. The Seed members will be supported through “Mission Fund” which our leadership has set aside for such needs.

As all of our house churches support missionaries and pray for them every week, we are already connected to missions. We send out financial support to our house church missionaries twice a year. So, when it comes to mission trips, we want to take a small step at a time, carefully discerning the voice of the Holy Spirit. Please pray that God would stir up a fire of mission in our congregation as we go on these trips.