316. The Passion Week

316. The Passion Week

Beginning from this Sunday (which is called “Palm” Sunday, as when Jesus entered Jerusalem for the final time, people greeted him with palm branches), the Passion week is starting. This is the week leading into Good Friday, and it would be a good to review each day, and learn what Jesus did and had to go through.

On Monday, Jesus cleared the Temple of money exchangers and dove sellers. They were necessary, but they made their way into the place where it was supposed to be for worshippers who wanted to pray.

On Tuesday, Jesus went to the Mount of Olives and spoke to his disciples about what will happen in the end time.

On Wednesday, we are not certain, but he probably rested in Bethany with his disciples.

On Thursday, Jesus washed the disciples’ feet to demonstrate what servant leadership is, and he had the last supper with them. Soon after, he was betrayed by Judas Iscariot.

On Friday: Jesus was tried by religious leaders, sentenced to crucifixion and gave his last breath on the cross.

If you want to make the Passion week more meaningful, you could structure your day using each day of Jesus as a theme for your coming week. For example:

  • Monday: Cleansing. Clean out desk, room, house, garage and closet, reflecting how possessions and convenience have hindered prayerful and content life.
  • Tuesday: Priority. Think about what you would do differently today if you knew your life would end tomorrow. How would you prepare yourself?
  • Wednesday: Rest. Even while working on deadlines or studying for exams, pray for peace and tranquility, just as Jesus did when he was facing death in a few days.
  • Thursday: Service. Choose someone to serve, and fill their needs for their sake.
  • Friday: Forgiveness. Reflect on your current relationships and let go of people who hurt you in forgiveness, just the way Jesus forgave you.