337. The Reward For The Giver

337. The Reward For The Giver

The 113th House Church conference for pastors ended last Thursday and it was a great success. 127 pastors and missionaries who attended the conference looked more happy and energetic as they were leaving. Many of them praised how our church members were so hospitable and kind. Also, many were surprised by how they were serving so silently but thoroughly. I really felt like their words of “thank you” and “great job” from them were words from Jesus for serving him well. (Mat 25:40)

I, personally, got to serve 15 English-speaking Congregation (ESC) pastors and wives through live-translation and rides during the conference. I was certainly a lot busier than when I attended conferences hosted by other churches, but I experienced a great joy of serving them. 10 years ago, when we hosted our first conference, there were only 2 ESC pastors. That number grew exponentially, so I was glad to see that.

I also realized that our ESC has a lot more resources to offer to other churches than I assumed. I believe such spiritual resource comes from years of devoting to the mission of Jesus and establishing the church he wants, through thick and thin. It looks like I will be given a lot more responsibilities at the upcoming conference (which I will share more later). It will happen in next year April in Houston, Texas, hosted by New Life Fellowship (NLF). This event is significant because it is the first time ESC hosting HC conference. It shows us that we’ve come a long way.

Interestingly, the majority of symposium talk was about strengthening the family and investing in the next generation. It challenged to start something in my family, and also affirmed that the direction we are heading through intergenerational ministry was correct.

One pastor left this post on his facebook, which I believe sums up how the conference was experienced by the participants: “My heart is so full because I saw a beautiful church that is still being built up to become even more beautiful. I sincerely pray that this church will be greatly used by God in helping other churches to become more like the church the way Jesus wanted in the New Testament!” I believe the greatest reward for service on earth is heartfelt prayer of thanksgiving spoken through the people we served in his name.