350. New Sound Equipment

350. New Sound Equipment

Periodically, we have to upgrade our existing sound equipment, as they eventually get old, outdated and become inadequate to accommodate new needs. Our current audio mixer does not have enough channels to plug additional sound equipment, as the praise team is growing in number. Also, the snake (bundle of cables) has many non-functioning channels, which further restrict the number of available audio inputs.

So, our current audio mixer and snake will be replaced with a digital mixer and digital snake. It is not a cheap expense, but it is an investment into creating a sound that is not disturbing and a system that can reduce set-up time and burden for the praise team.

Our goal of upgrading a sound system is not to have the best sound in the world, a type of pursuit that never ends. But it is to create a non-disturbing sound that does not get in the way of the congregation praising and listening to the sermon, especially newcomers who tend to be more critical to sound. People have different sensitive to sound. Some are less sensitive, where others may be more sensitive and get easily disturbed. So, we try to shoot for a higher quality of sound that is pleasant to hear even for sensitive people.

Also, a digital mixer allows different sound profiles to be stored, which can be recalled with a single button. It will reduce time for sound check and help the sound to be consistent each week. It also provides many sound-enhancing features that can be progressively utilized through further learning in the future.

As the old mixer is still functioning, it will be relocated to my home, where the praise team will hold weekday practice. This is to reduce hassle for the praise team, as they don’t have to move the mixer back and forth for practice and for Sunday.