56. Lesson from a Bamboo tree

56. Lesson from a Bamboo tree

One of the hardest things for humans to do is “waiting”. We know Patience is a virtue but often wish it isn’t. Nobody wants to wait in line, everyone wants to blossom early. That is why the word “shortcut” exists but “longcut” doesn’t.

Some said life is a Marathon. How true! It takes a long time for us to grow, get an education and get a job to do what we finally want to do in life. Ministry too is a Marathon. It takes a while to build a healthy church (or house church). It takes time to build healthy culture and atmosphere. It takes a long time of waiting and prayer for one VIP to come house church and to know Christ.

If God’s will for us is to always perform well, then what we are experiencing is not ideal. But God’s will for us is not just for us to get things done as fast as we can. It is ultimately changing us – our characters, ambitions, and motives. While we try our best to make disciples according to Jesus’ commission, God also molds us into his faithful disciples, often through long seasons of waiting.

A bamboo tree grows very fast and it can grow up to 30 meters. A little bamboo tree takes only 6 weeks to become a huge bamboo forest. But many people give up on growing bamboo trees. Do you know why? “5 Years”. That’s how long you need to wait to witness any type of growth. First 5 years, there is no visible growth in Bamboo shoot “at all”. But you still have to give water and fertilizer continually. Those who withstand this agonizing 5 years of waiting get to see the abundant bamboo forest! From then on, it grows by as much as 1 meter every day!

Don’t give up because there hasn’t been much fruit in your life or ministry. When the right time comes, just like the bamboo tree, God will fill your life with abundance and growth. Until then, stay patient and encouraged 🙂