62. Try At Least Once

62. Try At Least Once

Bible calls Church, the “body of Christ”. In other words, the church is organic, living organism and being a part of it assumes you have a role to play. There are no unnecessary organs in the body. People used to believe “appendix” has no use in our human body. But many claim now that it might be used to store good bacterias. It might look useless at first, but people are beginning to discover its real use.

Would you believe me if I said to you, “Hey, I see that you have a unique gift that no other people have!” Many people might shake their heads and say “I’m not good at anything”, “I’m pretty useless”, “I’m too shy” and etc. But what I just said is exactly what Apostle Paul said. He said everyone has a unique gift or role in the church.

Then, why is it that many people can’t seem to discover what their “God-given gift” is? The reason is simple: The only way to discover your gift is to start doing something. Many people sit and wait until they find one or assume they don’t have any. But people with a drawing gift will never discover their gift unless they start drawing something. It doesn’t have to be a good one, you just need to start one.

I used to lead praise in my church and also in other Christian gatherings and conferences. However, I never knew I could lead praise until I actually tried. I used to think that I was too soft-spoken, too shy to lead worship in front of people. That was why I much preferred to be at the back of the band, playing bass guitar. However, when I was challenged to lead worship at the age of 18, I reluctantly tried. Of course, the result wasn’t that good at first. But the more I did it, the more I liked doing it. And that decision shaped my future trajectory.

It doesn’t have to be a big job to feel fulfilled. Honestly, if I’m not a pastor, I would probably volunteer to do cable management for praise team because I love organizing cables! And that was something I enjoyed doing while I was leading a praise team.

Jennifer and I always say to Luyah when it comes to food, “try at least once”. It is because she will never know if she will like something until she actually tries. She can decide whether to try again or not later. This goes same to those who are hesitant to serve: Try at least once and then decide later.