79. Real Battlefield Is Our Mind

79. Real Battlefield Is Our Mind

In 214 B.C, the emperor of China, Shi Huang Ti, began to build the “Great Wall of China”, which is one of the most famous man-made structures in history. The work went on for generations until the wall stretched for 1200 miles across the north of China. It seemed as if everything was secure behind it. The wall was intended to keep out the Mongol enemy, but it failed to do so because the enemy bribed “a guard” and walked through the gate. According to various sources, it cost one million souls to build the wall but it took one person for it to become a failure.

Our “mind” is similar to that gateway, and it is there our enemy, the devil will seek to gain access, bringing doubt, discouragement, depression, and despair. But no matter how strong you are, it only takes one seed of doubt or discouragement to failure to enjoy the victory that is rightly yours in Christ. 

Our Christian life is a life of victory. We don’t try to gain the victory; we simply “stand” on the victory we already have in Jesus Christ through his death and resurrection. At the cross, our sins are paid in full and by his resurrection, our enemy is defeated. We are victorious.

But even though we already have the victory, it is our job to secure and protect our victory. That is why in Ephesians 6, Apostle Paul tells us to take up the “full” armor of God so that we may “stand” firm against the attacks of the enemy. If you look at the list of armours mentioned in Ephesians 6, they are: Belt of “truth”, Breastplate of “righteousness”, shoes of “gospel of peace”, the shield of “faith”, the helmet of “salvation” and the sword of “Word” – One thing in common is that they all affect our “mind”. In other words, the real battlefield of our lives is actually our mind because our actions and responses simply flow from what goes on in our mind. What is filling up your mind lately?

God doesn’t want you to guard your life; he wants you to guard your “mind” and when you do, he will guard your life. Living a victorious life is contingent upon what kind of “thoughts” you are allowing to access your mind daily. That is why God wants us to daily fill our mind with the truth which is the Word of God. Fill your mind with positive thoughts, hope and the truth that comes from spending time in his Word every day and watch yourself standing tall victoriously in the midst of the storms in your life.