86. Not “my” VIP, but “our” VIP

86. Not “my” VIP, but “our” VIP

The reason why we do house church ministry is to reach out to non-Christians (we call them VIP) and help them to become happy, faithful followers of Jesus.

However, evangelism is really a teamwork. It rarely happens through one person’s sole effort. For that reason, we need to make a “house church” VIP list so that we pray for VIPs ” together”.

When a member brings a VIP to his/her house church, unless everyone knows that person, it is difficult for other members to see that VIP as “their” VIP. It is just human nature. But when they had prayed for VIPs together and one VIP in the list shows up, members are much more motivated to serve the VIP as “their” VIP with a sense of ownership.

Making the official house church VIP list is simple. Each member is to come up with a list of 5 people who are non-Christian friends or acquaintances. Let’s say there are 5 people in the house church, then the total will be 25 VIPs on the list. But they are not the official house church VIPs yet. Out of the total, select only 5 people who need God the most right now. If someone is happy without the need for God at the current stage of life, that person will be in the lower priority list. If someone is in need of help right now, then that person can be on the top of the list. So after repeating this process, 5 people will be selected as the official house church (not your own) VIP list. We will pray together for these 5 people (you can pray for the rest of the people on your own time) every time we meet for house church. Of course, this list can always change.

It is very important to hear weekly updates of each VIP to avoid prayers for them becoming generic. Since they are already relationally connected to at least one of the members, it won’t be difficult to pray for their specific needs or circumstances.

The house church that I lead prays for “house church VIPs” every week and I already feel pretty close to them though I haven’t even met some of them yet. I think I will be genuinely happy to see them when they show up. Whether they come or not, our ultimate goal is to bless them and ask God to help them because we are called to be blessers in this world.