92. Undivided Love

92. Undivided Love

My first daughter Luyah finished grade 1 this week. It felt weird because I still remember nervously taking her to junior kindergarten 2 years ago. Her school bag looked bigger than her back then. Now, she looks like a teenager!

As I looked back, I was glad I spent a good amount of alone time with Luyah. Taking her to school and picking her up has been a good one-on-one time with her. In those short times, I was able to know what was happening in her school and in her life. I took her out for a daddy-daughter date once in a while after school. I helped her with homework and extra work she needed to catch up with undivided attention since Senna wasn’t attending school.

Then it dawned on me that Senna will be going to JK this September. And I realized it would become more challenging to spend alone time with her. It is because they will go to school together, come back home together. Even if I take them out after school, both of them will be there. To have a private date with her, I would have to very intentional. Talk about the life of a second child!

So I took Senna to Starbucks in the morning and got her a nice strawberry and creme frappe. She loved it and I was happy to spend time with her, knowing that much time alone is very precious. I also regretted that I didn’t spend enough time with her alone. Because once both of them go to school, my attention will be divided for both. I will try my best to love them both the same way but I know I have a limit as parents.

Then I was reminded that I have a perfect heavenly father whose love is never divided. He loves me as if I am the only person in the world. Through my limitation as an earthly father, I got to appreciate the undivided love of my heavenly father. I hope that dwelling on this fact would help me to love my children the way he loves me.