98. Appreciating Drivers

98. Appreciating Drivers

Now we have a lot of single adults who are able to drive. It is good to see more drivers in the church and I’m glad many of them are graciously giving rides to their fellow church members. In light of the good transition that is happening, I would like to address one thing in order to prevent possible relational mishaps down the road. And this is for those who are getting rides from drivers in the church: Appreciate your driver.

I remember when I was in university, one of my friends had her own car (which was rare!). Since she was one of the few drivers around, many people asked her for a ride and she gladly drove them around.

But eventually, she got tired of giving such favor and began to vent out about her friends to me. The reason was not that she stopped being gracious but because she felt used. None of her friends intended to use her. Simply, they just got so used to it and forgot to appreciate it. Without getting any type of appreciation she deserves, she even thought of stopped giving rides at all. She didn’t want anyone to pay the gas in full amount for her. She just wanted a hint of appreciation.

So if you are getting a ride from one of your single adult friends, please appreciate your driver every time you get a ride. Many times frequent verbal appreciation is enough. But if you desire, volunteer to chip in some gas money once in a while. Show that you appreciate them giving you a ride, especially if you get it pretty often. Giving Starbucks card or movie tickets are good ways to express gratitude without breaking the bank.

Once again, it is not a matter of amount because usually, drivers are very happy to help their friends without expecting anything in return. It is about a gesture and making them feel appreciated so that such a gracious heart can continue without feeling taken for granted. A little gesture of appreciation goes a long way, in everything.