Confirmation Testimony - Angela Pyun

Angela’s confirmatiom 20150524

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I was born into a Christian family so I was pretty used to the idea of going to church every Sunday. Praying and singing praises were something really normal for me and I grew up watching people around me doing that as well, both friends and family. From a faint memory, I remember going to church on Sundays excited to learn more stories from the Bible. But as I grew older and learned more about Him, I started to question some things. Was God real? What about heaven and hell? Things weren’t that simple anymore. I started to doubt, yet fear God, but lived on, not really doing anything about it. But at school, religion surrounded me when I started to see many people passionate about their own. They strongly believed in their gods, and I felt sort of empty. I was at a stage where I couldn’t do anything, and I was helpless- not really moving to solve anything. One day, for no reason particularly, I prayed hard to God. I don’t remember what I exactly said to him, but I know that I felt I heard an answer when I found out I was moving churches- to this one. EM really helped me to look at God in a good way. Through Caleb’s words, I started to look at God in a positive light. After actively participating in the church community, I began to see the wonderful people around me, with strong faith and confidence to move along with Him. They really encouraged me to grow spiritually, and continue to. Through watching these people, I wanted to experience a change. I started trying my best to read the Bible, and praying more often, but it only continued on for a bit, before my daily life took over. After I went to several retreats, I felt like my Christian life was a switch- going on and off. But, after each retreat, I feel closer and closer to God. I started to depend on God with things in my life even the littlest things. After praying to God became more comfortable to me, I felt like God was urging me to go to the Jesus Receiving Meeting. After receiving Jesus, I didn’t feel anything different, but I began to experience small changes in my life. I began to see things in a new perspective- a new light in God’s direction. Now, I feel that God is still working through me and others, especially when each week, it seems like he’s directing the sermon’s message towards me. Subtly, little by little, I came closer towards God, and felt random urges to pray or read the Bible. After I received Christ, I prayed for anything, when before I usually prayed when I was in need of help. God has changed my life, and I believe that he will continue to do so. He was with me through my happiest times, my saddest times…..When I was mad, when I was tired… Through Him, I believe that I will be able to walk forward in my life in faith, and I know that I can depend on Him whenever and wherever.