Confirmation Testimony - Sophia Sung

Sophia Confirmation 20150510

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I was born in a Christian family so going to church was a regular lifestyle for me. Sunday was the day when there was no plan except for going to church. In Korea, going to church was fun because when I memorized the verses and collected  주보s I got prizes.

I came to Canada when I was in grade 3. My first church in Canada was very small so everyone had service together. The service itself wasn’t that bad but it was difficult for my faith to grow since I couldn’t learn much. My parents thought having a strong relationship with God is very important especially in teenaged years, so we decided to move the church and that church was Mokmin.

Since I was in grade 3, I had to go to the Sunday school. Sunday school was fun but felt like I was in a school. I didn’t like listening to the sermon because it was boring.

I became grade 7 and went to my first EM retreat. It was completely different from Sunday school retreat, and it was much more holy and fun. On the second day of the retreat everyone prayed, so I prayed too. While I was praying, I don’t know why but suddenly tears came out. I was kind of embarrassed because I thought I was the only one crying and it was my first time crying while praying. Also, there was this feeling but I ignored it. After that retreat my life was the same, nothing really changed.

Starting from last year I was interested in God and wanted to meet Him. I got interested because my sisters sometimes talked about how God was working in their lives and that made me curious who God is.

When I went to the March retreat I prayed that I could meet him throughout the retreat but I didn’t really know what kind of feeling was meeting God. I was disappointed that I couldn’t meet him but I just waited for the next retreat but still I didn’t meet Him in any of the retreats. I was still curious about God and his love so I started to pay attention to Caleb’s sermon. Most of the time, I felt like God was talking to me. I was surprised so I became excited to listen to the sermon.

One day there was an announcement about Bible 101, I wanted to join but at the same time I didn’t want to because there was an exam. But my goal of 2015 was to grow in faith and to get confirmed so I decided to take the course. On the first day I wanted to quit because waking up earlier than my school time was a nightmare to me. However after the first lesson, I waited for the week to pass by since Caleb’s lessons were fascinating and I learned something new every week through the book, “The Story.”

While I was learning about the Bible, I learned that God loved me from the beginning and even when I didn’t know or care about Him. This course helped me to be certain that God is real. I strongly recommend this course to everyone who doubts God’s presence and wants to know how much He loves them.

When I started to realize God is real, I decided to go to receiving Jesus meeting. At the end of the meeting Caleb asked me why I hesitated to get confirmed. The reason was that I did not feel that I’ve met him, but Caleb said that I shouldn’t trust my feelings because feeling is just a feeling. So I decided not to trust my feelings but decided to have faith.

From Bible 101 and Receiving Jesus meeting, I now know that God is with me even though I feel like I’m alone. Now if I get stressed or have problems, I always look up to God and pray. Some people experience God through difficult situations but for me, God came to me slowly and quietly. I know that I may fail and trust my feelings, but I know for sure He loves me in whatever situations. I’m so excited about His plans for me and how God will work in my life.

Thank you.