Testimony - Kevin Ku

Testimony - Kevin Ku

Hello everyone, my name is Kevin and I am a new member of the Seed.

First of all, I want to thank my fellow house church members and Pastor Caleb for making this event possible for me. Without their support, I wouldn’t be here today.

When I was growing up, my relationship with Jesus has been on and off. Back in elementary school, I went to church only because I was dropped off there by my parents every Sundays. When high school started, my parents wanted me to focus on my studies. They no longer pressured me to go to church, so I stopped going as a result.

Before I received Jesus Christ, I noticed that I have been experiencing some self-doubt. When I am with a group of friends, I feel that their opinions were more important than mine and that what I was thinking or feeling were irrelevant.

When I was first introduced to house church, the first thing I noticed was how welcoming the environment was and how it felt like a second home to me. My view of church changed because of house church. I always imagined that the church is a building you go to do your worship and praise of God. But what I realize now is that the church is not the building itself but it is the people that make church what it is.

What I liked most about house church was the sharing of the important moments and concerns of our lives and how we each had a turn to share them with others. This helped me believe that my thoughts and opinions were important and that God was showing me a way to believe in myself and to love myself and others.

One verse during the GPS that stood out to me was: “Jesus already wants to come into our heart” because I can love and believe in myself because Jesus already loves me for who I am.

After receiving Jesus, I am more hopeful that with each day, I learn from my mistakes and become a little bit wiser and a little bit more mature. Most importantly, with Jesus’s love, I know that I can face any hardships to come and still embrace myself at the end of the day. I also want to follow Jesus’s example of loving others unconditionally through helping others. Thank you for listening to my testimony.