103. Let's Not Look Back To Find The “Best” Moment

103. Let's Not Look Back To Find The “Best” Moment

I think It is important to look to our past to reflect on our decisions and precious moments. That’s why we take photos so we can savor the moments of the past. Looking back at my kid’s photos just make me realize how cute they were. But this also makes me “afraid” of moving forward. One time, I actually wanted my kids to stop growing because I felt like their best days were nearing the end!

If we don’t watch out, we can easily look back on our lives and say “that was the best moment!”, “I hope nothing changes!” However, this is saying that the best days are “behind” us. But we know that we don’t like being around people who always talk about their past glory. We like visionary people. We love hanging out with people with dreams. This is because we were created by God to look into the future for hopes and dreams. We can look to the past for “lessons” but “glory” is never in the past. It is no secret that for Christians our most glorious moment comes at the end of our lives as we meet Jesus face to face.

God wants us to look forward. He is leading, he is changing, he is guiding us into new territory we’ve never been. It makes us uncomfortable many times but that’s what makes him the leader. When we follow him, we his followers will wonder sometimes but not “wander” because God knows what is best for us. Bible says if we follow Jesus, we will face challenges. But following Jesus promises us greater future as well.

Our ministry had good moments in the past. It is good to look back and enjoy the wonderful moments God allowed us to have. However, God doesn’t want us to dwell on them because our best days are not behind us but in front of us.

Looking back last few years, I feel that God is shaping us into a “congregation” that focuses on serving others and investing our energy to reach out to the VIPs. This requires a big change in our attitude and habits. Being mindful of newcomers and VIPs take some time. But I believe that we are heading in the right direction and our best days are yet to come.