111. Two Changes In Youth Ministry

111. Two Changes In Youth Ministry

We’ve just had “Youth Parents / Leader conference” last Sunday. It was a great time to connect with our youth’s parents and hear what they have to say about our youth ministry. During the talk, I’ve mentioned two changes that will happen to our youth ministry. These changes are the result of some thoughtful discussion that happened among youth shepherds. So here they are.

1. Home Gathering Every Month.

We believe that youth need a “small community” where they are known by name and an “adult” who can show them by example how to live a Christian life. That is why we came up with the idea of “Home Gathering” for our youth house church ministry. The purpose was to create an environment where our youth can feel most comfortable and welcomed (which is home) and to give our youth shepherds a chance to connect with them in the most intimate and authentic way. Since KSC parents are already doing house churches on Friday, we thought it would be good to do it every 2-3 months.

However, after doing it for 2 years, our youth shepherds felt we need to make Home Gathering more regular and frequent to build deeper relationship among our youth. So our youth shepherds have decided to do it every month and they have voluntarily opened their home to host every time unless a parent volunteers to open up. I feel deeply touched and challenged by their commitment and willingness to sacrifice their time and money to serve their youth house church members.

We are trying it out for a year so we might make adjustments along the way. This change will take effect starting from this month. We are also planning more frequent “joint” home gathering meetings. We hope this will create a deeper sense of belonging and friendship among youth house churches.

2. Growing Point Bible Study.

Another change that will happen is Growing Point. This is one-to-one bible study with your youth shepherd. Once you receive Christ through GPS, you can set up a time to do Growing Point with your youth shepherd. This will be a great coaching time for our youth who have just become a Christian. Due to time availability, sometimes 2-3 students might have to do it together. This will be 7 weeks long and the emphasis will be on sharing your thoughts and experiences regarding Christian life with your youth shepherd. Location and ride will need to be arranged with your youth shepherd.

We believe Youth is the future of our ministry. We hope these two changes can start something wonderful in the hearts of our youth in their journey of faithfully following Christ.