147. Youth Shepherds Wanted

147. Youth Shepherds Wanted

Application for youth shepherd is now open because new three years-term for youth shepherd will begin in September. Youth House Church started with a simple conviction that youth need the presence of an adult (whom they want to follow) and small community (where they are known by name) to mature and grow in their faith.

Thanks to faithful service of current youth shepherds, youth house church ministry has expanded and produced much fruit. Many youths find Youth House Church as their spiritual home and look forward to Home Gathering because it is fun and meaningful for them. But to provide more personal care to more youth, we need a higher number of youth shepherds.

I am assuming some adults want to serve but hesitant, not because they are not committed but wondering if they are ready. It is understandable because we often believe that, to be a leader, we need to be fully ready and qualified. But God seems to love working with willing people, not ready people.

A young man found himself being interested in serving in student ministry but wasn’t sure if he was “called.” So he asked his dad (who was also his senior pastor), “Dad, can I volunteer when I am not sure if I am called?” And his dad answered, “I guess you can.” This young man was Andy Stanley, and he now leads one of the biggest churches in the States.

The point is this: We often wait too long until we feel ready. But God often trains us as we volunteer first. As long as we are willing, God can provide resources and training for us to grow into the role. And as we volunteer to lead despite our lack, we begin to trust God more, which increases our faith.

Our youth need attention and care more than ever. Many say it is the loneliest generation in human history because online interaction and DM has replaced real human connection that brings true intimacy. We believe Youth House Church can provide that place of genuine intimacy and community of faith they need to grow and thrive.

If you are a registered baptized member, have completed living life, and have a genuine willingness, consider committing to serve as youth shepherd. Good news is, from this year, we are implementing junior (Gr-7-8) and senior (Gr 9-12) youth house church. So even if you have just graduated high school, you now have a choice to serve much younger grades in junior YHC.