159. Join Facility Team

159. Join Facility Team

We are creating “Facility Team.” Its main ministry will be cleaning the fellowship and service area. For those who are not aware, since we are the last group to use school building on Sunday, the school is very sensitive to the level of our cleaning because this is what their students will see on Monday. I believe it is our responsibility to be known for our excellence, not just inside the church but also outside as well.

We strive not to start a ministry unless there is someone who has the heart to lead. But cleaning ministry is very crucial that needs to start right away, to maintain a good working relationship with the school. So since I’m the one who feels the need the most, I will be leading the team at least this year.

Since this is a new team being created after ministry month, we would like to make it open for people to join any time until the next ministry month. That way, those who haven’t discovered their team ministry get a chance to find new ministry opportunities. Also, by the time ministry month comes, there will be people who have experience with the ministry and job description will become more clear. But you don’t have to commit one year for this ministry for now. You can let me know when you can, and I will put you in rotation.

Cleaning will begin from around 2:30 pm. I won’t be able to clean every time since I have NFC and GPS to lead. But I will be part of the cleaning rotation when I don’t have the meetings. If no one is available to clean, I will be doing it after the meeting. If your heart is moved to serve, please join the team so we can create a rotation. You can sign up by telling me in person or emailing me at caleb@theseedmc.ca. Because all youths will be in their Youth House Church Meeting, we will open this ministry to adult registered members only.

I believe some like to clean things, just like I do. Honestly, If I’m not pastoring, cleaning is one of the ministries I would probably do with joy. It can be an enriching ministry if you do it with the spirit of excellence.

The area that needs mopping is the cafeteria, atrium and washroom. While some people are cleaning the cafeteria, others can help cleaning up the chairs in the atrium. To help the facility team, after finishing the fellowship, please put all chairs on top of tables (upside down).