169. Two Types of Membership at The Seed

169. Two Types of Membership at The Seed

Many people might still be confused about different types of membership at The Seed, so I would like to explain it here.
To put it simply, there are only two types of members: Registered Member and Baptized Registered Member.

Both require completion of New Family Class (NFC). The only difference is one is not baptized, and the other is. Youth are not registered members (since their membership is tied to their parents). But, upon graduation, they can complete NFC if they desire to hold membership at The Seed. It is to allow them to make an informed decision about their home church as an adult.

Because of the word “member,” which communicates commitment, newcomers may feel that they are not ready to become a member though they might be already attending regularly. But our idea of membership is this: a pass that allows you to freely explore faith.

Registered Member is someone who showed intention to explore faith at The Seed by attending New Family Class. Therefore, you can be a registered member without becoming a Christian. Because exploring faith involves serving in ministry, we allow registered members to volunteer, though in a limited capacity. They cannot hold a leadership role nor participate in congregation meetings for decision making, such as voting. But we give most of the ministry opportunities available for them so they can fully explore Christian faith and get a taste of the joy that comes from serving in ministry.

On the other hand, Baptized Registered Member is a full member at The Seed, who not only completed NFC but also made a public confession of their faith in Jesus Christ through baptism. Since baptism signifies spiritual inclusion in the body of Christ, which is Church, baptism is necessary to exercise full rights and privileges as a member in a church, almost universally.

Membership may sound very demanding. But at our church, becoming a member is the very first step in exploring the Christian faith. So even if you are not a Christian, please consider becoming a registered member. New Family Class is very conversational, and its primary purpose is the pastor and participants getting to know each other. Those who came were all surprised how relaxed and conversational the sessions were.