191. Unexpected Reversal

191. Unexpected Reversal

NBA season has just ended, much later than usual due to the pandemic. After three months of playing in the Bubble created in Walt Disney Resort, the final winner was decided despite the season almost getting cancelled. It was such a unique environment that also brought unusual outcomes. What was considered a “disadvantage” became an “advantage” in a different environment.

First, the loud crowd noise was absent. But it ended up becoming an advantage for younger players because hostile crowd noise intimidates not-so-experienced young players. So, it helped them to play with much less pressure than usual.

Second, team members had to stay in one place together for an extended period. It was a less “professional” environment, but it served as an advantage to teams with good chemistry and camaraderie. Those who loved spending time with their teammates gained an edge compared to those who only had a working relationship with their teammates.

These new circumstances brought a unique result of an unexpected team reaching the finals. Though they failed to win the title, it showed how crisis can be an opportunity for the disadvantaged. COVID-19 brought disadvantage on businesses that possessed many “buildings,” an advantage to those who had been working remotely. Assets turned into liabilities, and weakness turned into strength so rapidly.

A rabbit will always win the race against a turtle (contrary to the story!). However, in the ocean, the turtle will win the race all the time. It is easy to despair over our weaknesses. But circumstances always change. And our weakness can turn into strength, and vice versa, depending on our circumstances.

So in an ever-changing world, the best mode of living is to live gratefully and humbly. If we are doing well, we should be grateful for the circumstances, instead of becoming proud or self-deceived, thinking our success is based on our talent alone. If we are not doing well, instead of complaining, we should be humble to know that we are powerless to alter our circumstances but trust that God will give us the power to adapt and patience to endure. And when we remain patient, God can allow our circumstances to change at the right time for our advantage.