199. Hiring Youth Pastor

199. Hiring Youth Pastor

Our church has decided to hire current youth director Anthony as youth pastor. It will be a part-time position, but we plan to increase his role moving forward. Given how faithful he has been with his part, it wasn’t a difficult decision. Both congregation leadership have gladly agreed and expressed it as a great sign of growth for ESC (English Speaking Congregation). As I shared last week, ESC will cover 50% of its lead pastor’s salary starting next year. That 50% will be given as Youth Pastor’s salary from KSC.

Anthony is a home-grown leader. He grew up in our youth ministry and actively served in his house church to understand our unique house church centric culture. He gets along with fellow leaders. He not only loves youth but loves God’s Word and communicating it. He has confirmed his calling in ministry through the internship program (TFE) and many leaders’ counsels.

Our church ministry is mainly run through lay-leaders (shepherds and team leaders) because we believe ministry (pastoring, visiting, counselling) and building up of church through spiritual gifts are roles of lay-leaders, not clergy. But when it comes to education, it necessitates a paid staff with specialized training and skillsets. Ministering to youth (and children) requires a good understanding of their developmental stages and varying needs and the ability to connect with them emotionally. Also, it involves communication skills to present the Gospel in a way they can understand.

In terms of ministry scope, Anthony will take over many of the leadership roles in youth ministry. The next 2-3 years will be a transition period, but the transition rate is expected to be faster once he finishes seminary next year. Also, as we don’t have a separate youth service, he will begin to partner with me in preaching on Sunday regularly. With this change, I will be able to focus more on ministering to adult members and parents.

I feel very grateful that we have found a humble and diligent youth pastor who will lead our youth into a personal and trusting relationship with Jesus. I want to ask all members to support him with encouragement and pray for his new ministry to be fruitful.