226. Change Is Not a Problem

226. Change Is Not a Problem

Last week, my youngest daughter was logging into her online class. But I overheard her complaining to her teacher that she has a “problem” because she couldn’t find certain buttons in her expecting place. Google must’ve released a new update, so the interface was changed. She thought it was a problem. Once I realized what happened, I quickly told her where to find the buttons in new locations. She then adjusted pretty quickly and moved on. Sensing that this could be a good teaching moment, I also told her that change is not a problem. (Not sure if she heard it!)

We don’t like change. For example, if apps we use all the time release update, we tend to complain at first because we have to change the way we use them. It takes some time for us to understand why the change was necessary. But change is not a problem. It is a beginning of a solution we have not gotten used to.

The best way to not view change as a problem is to expect change. Life will continue to throw “change” at us, yet we often have decided to dislike change before they happen. That is why change feels cumbersome, uncomfortable and irritating.

Jesus said, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” (Matthew 24:35) Except for God, everything will change. So why expect that things won’t ever change and get surprised when change happens? Spiritual maturity begins with knowing that everything will change, including people, family, organization, and circumstances.

If the pandemic taught us anything, that is to anticipate change. Embrace change. Welcome change. Adapt to change. And sometimes, change for the sake of change. That is the only way to see life, not as a problem but a gift to unwrap.