227. Passion Can Be Toxic

227. Passion Can Be Toxic

If the older generation’s idol (idol being taking something and giving it too much importance) was money and security, I think the new generation’s idol is “passion.”

Many believe that there is “passion” in a complete form that will magically unfold as long as you open the right door. But this brings much passivity and puts a lot of pressure on young people. If they find no passion in anything, they feel as if they have failed in life.

If you asked me 12 years ago before I came to this church if I was passionate about youth ministry, I would have said no. I became a pastor not because I was passionate about a specific ministry but I felt called to serve God in the form of full-time ministry. I didn’t have a specific plan. But I trusted that if I obey God in his direction, he will show me the detail. (you can follow your calling without knowing precisely what you want to do!)

Passion does not come in a full form, nor is it ready to being discovered. It gets “developed” by repeating something we are called to do NOW and willing to give it a try. It is one leading to another. My devotion to worship ministry lead me to pastoral ministry. I didn’t follow my passion. But I tried to discern God’s will.

Don’t wait for the passion to arise magically. Do what you feel called to do and be willing to commit to it even though it may be difficult. One research found out that those who were genuinely satisfied at work were not those who had a lot of passion but those who developed the skill to be proficient in their field. Don’t get hostage by passion illusion. Passion comes from getting better.

A famous Olympic weightlifter Lu xiaojun wanted to quit training before winning his first national. In other words, he lost his “passion”. But His coach challenged him to train at least for the upcoming competition. He didn’t win it, but his record jumped higher than before. That’s when he said he became more passionate about training again. Then he broke the world record and won gold in the 2016 Olympics.

Don’t wait for the Passion to come. Know your gift, and start small somewhere. As you get better, passion will come.