23. Be quick to repent

23. Be quick to repent

Our previous house was located at corner lot, which means that we had a rather large area to take care of, in terms of cleaning and during the winter time, shovelling. At first I did not like it but I began to think of it as a service to the community because I get to make a clean, obstacle free sidewalk for my neighbours. 

One day, snow storm came and I knew I was supposed to shovel right away but I didn’t. I was thinking to myself, "I can do it later!” I went there the next day and lo and behold, snow mountains were waiting for me, not only in our drive way but also the large sized side walk! It took me more than an hour to remove the snow. It was not a fun at all! After laborious shovelling, snow mountain was gone but my back and legs were tight and in pain the next day. I paid the price for not being quick to remove the snow.

But I heard that Pastor's Kwack's father (who is much older than me!) does not have to go through that because he goes out and shovel every 10 minutes. He did not have to deal with snow mountain because he was wise enough to clean the snow before it becomes a mountain.

Likewise, we find that as we repent quickly from our mistakes and stubbornness, we save a lot of hassle in life. As God gives us the wisdom and prompting to change something in our lives, through God’s message or people around us, it is our advantage to follow that as soon as possible because many times it will become too difficult to handle for us later on if we delay. (Remember the snow mountain!) 

Repentance is not a difficult thing to do. It is easy once you know the goodness of God. Once you know that God wants the very best for you, then you realize whatever he tells you to do is for your own benefit. Repentance is simply to change your mind and to follow God's prompting or his suggestions. And we know that God's way is always better because he is the one who created us and loves us more than we love ourselves.